i-Shading  Intelligent sun shading systems

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Computerized system consisting of encoded motors, sun sensors…etc. can be used to construct an intelligent sun shading system to utilize daylighting.

For example,
Intensity of visible light               Rotational position of encoded motor                          Particular roller blinds                         Intensity of visible light
in front of mechanism                 assume: UP stop is 100% & DOWN stop is 0%            displayed                                                behind mechanism

Weak(Say < 1000 lux):                  100%                                                                                 None                                                        < 1000 lux

Low(Say 1000-10000 lux):              Around 72%                                                                     Lower roller blind                                     100 – 1000 lux
                                                                                                                                                 (Say 10% openness)

Medium(Say 10000-30000 lux):     Around 35%                                                                      Middle roller blind                                    300 – 900 lux

                                                                                                                                                 (Say 3% openness)

High(Say 30000-90000 lux):          0%                                                                                     Upper roller blind                                      300 – 900 lux 
                                                                                                                                                 (Say 1% openness)        

As roller blinds (or films) with different visible light or solar heat transmittance, reflectance and absorptance can be selected in the mechanism, different operation scenarios can be satisfied.
(1) Our sun shading system has adjustable daylight transmittance according to changing daylight intensity.
(2) Excessive daylight can be utilized and reflected to opposite building(s) as a source of daylight.


P.R. China patent no.: 2010102465113